Nav and Control

The Nav and Control software provides several functions for the Leaf robots:

communications with the microcontroller; receiving data from the microcontroller and making it available to the Lisp software as well as internal use, and transmits commands to the micro.

converts low-level motion commands from the Lisp software to microcontroller commands.

performs navigation based on high-level commands from Lisp.

provides an optional simplified animation image

provides a simple terminal like console on which status and warning messages may be printed.

provides a data logging function.

provides a sequencer for complex commands

NEW!  Adds a joystick function for convenient manual control.  

NEW! Provides Integrated Rate Gyro function for an inertial heading source (HdgDeg).

Notes on upgrading to new  5/3/09 version.  

    If you already have a previous version of Nav and Control running, do not replace all the associated files in the Leaf folder.  You want to keep your current configuration (.ini) files and just change them as noted below.  You also don't have to update your AnimationImages or Sequences folders.

    To enable the Joystick function,  you add some text to the Sensors.ini file.  This single line is in the [Joystick] keyword.  You can see the correct format for the line in the Sensors.ini file in this distribution.  Set it to "1" if you have the Logitech Rumblepad 2 cordless joystick installed.  Else set it to zero (or don't add this text at all).  Note:  DirectX must be installed  to use the joystick function.

    To calibrate the inertial heading signal, you must add a line in the MicroConfig.ini file in the [RateGyro] keyword.  Again, see the attached copy for the correct format.  This value is a calibration for rate of turn.  I hope to write a calibration procedure someday, but for the meantime...   If your HdgDeg signal changes by less than 360 degrees when you pivot the robot an actual 360 degrees, then increase this number proportionately; and vice versa.  If you need more help, ask on the mail list.  You have to have upgraded your microcontroller to the latest version for this to work.

How it works    An overview of the functions within the Nav and Control software

Installation instructions

Using the sequencer  Directions on how to write and use command sequences

Setting the configuration files

Source code


Microcontroller load     (compatible with the above executables)