Nav and Control Installation Instructions

(for Nav and Control 4-24-06)

The functions which should work at this point are:
Reads up to 8 IR range sensors or other analog sensors.
Reads up to 7 SRF04 sonars
Drives up to 7 RC servos. 
(sonars + RC servos = 7)
Drives 2 motors and reads encoders.
Responds to the standard “Forward”, “stop”, “clockwise” and “counterclockwise” etc.commands sent from Lisp as well as RC servo control and discrete I/O..
The 4-24-06  revision adds a sequencer capability such that a single command from lisp can cause a preplanned sequence of instructions to be executed.

To install, unzip the executables folder and copy the unzipped folder to wherever you want.  I'm placing it in C:\program files\Leaf.  I am keeping all of my code in one folder so that it can be updated run relatively independently of the Lisp and other software.  This is handy since you can keep multiple versions of my software in the robot at the same time.  Then just go and execute from the folder with the version you want to run.

    e.g  "C:\Program Files\Leaf\Nav and Control exe 9-1-05"

Bruce's Lisp program will automatically run the version in the Leaf folder.  If you wish, you can close that version and run another as above.

You must load a new compatible version of the microcontroller code.
Load the out.s19 file into the microcontroller using the ICC12 terminal or hyperterminal or any other terminal emulator you like. Instructions for doing this using hyperterminal can be seen in the “Testing Rev 1 microcontroller board” in the Microcontroller board folder of the yahoogroup files.

You must also update the Lisp code to a compatible version to get full functionality.  Bruce's next distribution after 9-1-05 should do it.  On the other hand, Bruce's existing code works, it just doesn't support the new functions.

You may have to make some changes to the ini files to set up for your robot. 

Animation.ini  use the new file

Nav and Control.ini  use your current file rather than the new one.

MicroConfig.ini   use the new file.  Change NumSonars to agree with your robot.

Microcontroller.ini  Replace with your current file

Sensors.ini   Use new file.  If you have made any calibration changes in your current file, ask me how to update to the new format.

Then just start up your robot as usual except executing Nav and Control.exe