Robin Hewitt's suggestions on how to get your Leaf robot's software running more rapidly. 

    Note:  other methods of quickstarting Leaf have been developed and are included in Bruce's distribution of the Leaf lisp software.

Zip folder of files referenced below.

I decided to make Leaf a little easier to start.

So far, I have startup down to these steps:
1. You execute a batch file (leaf.bat). This will
     - Start framecap and mavisctl. (Mavisctl now starts with
       the dll unloaded.)
     - Start LispWorks and sets its working directory.
     - Start the navigation program (Nav and Control.exe).

2. In LispWorks, you close the splashscreen and open one file
    (all.lisp). You won't have to navigate to do this. The batch
    file tells LispWorks to start in the Leaf directory.

3. You choose file->load, then file->compile&load. Then type
    (leaf) into the listener.

To make this work, you'll need all the files in the archive attached
to this email. Put everything into the folder with the other Leaf
executables, replacing MavisCtl. Next, edit the batch files to match
your setup (for example, my lisp files have different names). I'm pretty
sure the changes you need will be clear when you open the batch files.
(Notepad works nicely for editing batch files.)

Then run makelisp.bat. All this does is concatenate the lisp files
into one file (all.lisp) to make it easier to start Leaf. Anyime you
change one of the lisp files, just rerun makelisp.bat.

Now you can start Leaf as described above. If you have windows explorer
open, you can run batch files by double clicking. Alternatively, you can
create a program group for Leaf, with shortcuts to the batch files and run
them from the Start Menu. Another option is to add the Leaf directory to
your system path and run the batch files by name from the Run dialog on
your Start Menu. And yet another way is to put the shortcuts onto your
desktop and double click from there.

If I knew more about Lisp and LispWorks, I could probably have started
Leaf entirely from the one batch file. Bruce, maybe you'd like to
tackle the remaining bits...?

I don't have a clever way to shut everything down. You'll still need
to do that as before, but I think that part's not too bad.