LISP Software

   The Lisp software package is the artificial intelligence creating Leaf's emotions, personality, behavior etc.

    How it works   an overview of how the Leaf AI software works

    Setting up your laptop to run the software, either stand-alone or on the robot.

    Download the software.  

    Download RunLeaf, a program to allow the Leaf  Lisp software to run indefinitely.   NEW for 2008!
        Part 1   Instructions for installing are included.
          Part 2   See notes in part 1 to decide if you need to download part 2


    Some people have asked on the mail list how Leaf's voice can be changed.  Bruce replied:

If you're using CU Animate, then I don't know how to change the voice - it's probably in the CU Animate documentation, but I've never tried to change it.  If you try and can do it, please post to the mail list.
If you're NOT using CU Animate, then by default the software uses MicroSoft's SAPI5 speech engine for text to speech.  And you can change that voice by going to My Computer > Control Panel > Speech > Text to Speech > Voice Selection.  You can also buy and then download additional voices from a couple of vendors - just be sure they're SAPI5 and NOT SAPI4 voices.  I've had the best luck with Cepstral - check out their demos:

    Also, some have asked how to use Leaf's X10 capabilities.  Bruce replied:

You'll need an X10 Firecracker CM17A as a radio transmitter to send the X10 commands and an X10 transceiver module TM751 to receive the radio signals and then send them through your home's wiring to control your X10 modules.  This is all really simple "plug and play" right out of the box.  And for only $40!
If your computer doesn't have a serial port for the Firecracker, then you'll also need a USB to Serial cable - use the RadioShack cable...  it works, but not all interface cables do!
Otherwise, the Lisp software's ready to go with only minor modifications to specify the exact module codes you're using!!

    Bruce has interfaced the Leaf software to an animated head called "Buck".  Buck is made by the same company that made the terminally cute/annoying "Billy Bass".  What is amazing is that you just have to plug Leaf's audio output plug into the Buck animation to get interesting results.  Check out this movie!   P.S.  An animated chimpanzee head is coming out which is pretty well animated also.  Hopefully, it will be easy to hack.


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