The parents of Leaf are:

Bruce Weimer:

Bruce is a part time Neurologist when he's not working on his robots.  He is writing the artificial intelligence code for Leaf's motivations and personality.


Robin Hewitt:

Robin is an engineer and software designer who's recently become interested in robotics, especially the software side. Her other interests include photography, hiking, and downhill skiing.

Her website is at

Alex Brown

   I spent 30 years as a system engineer designing autopilots for commercial aircraft (which I now think of as "Giant Flying Robots".  Since retiring, I've found that amateur robotics is far more fun (lots of engineering and building...and no boss!)

   I've entered the Trinity firefighting contest three times,  the picture shows me with my 1st place (senior division) winner of 2001.

   On this project, my primary responsibility is putting together the hardware for Leaf.  Also, I am doing the software for the microcontroller (based on my firefighter) and writing the communications software (Laptop to microcontroller), the navigation software and an animated head for the laptop display.

   Someday, I hope to have time to start playing with the vision and AI programs that Robin and Bruce are working on.

   You can contact me at: