Leaf is a software implementation inspired by the Mindscape Entertainment game "Creatures". It is being developed by Bruce Weimer of the Robotics Society of Southern California (rssc.org).

This website was created to describe the development of the "Leaf" software entity as well as a hardware implementation which turns Leaf into an autonomous mobile robot.

Bruce first demonstrated the PC version of Leaf in 2003.  Construction of the first Leaf robot began in early 2004 and it was rolling around in response to spoken commands by April of 2004.  Two more robots were completed by Robin Hewitt and Bruce Weimer in 2004.  All have similar capability and run on the same software.  A fourth robot built by Gary Malolepsy is up and running as of June 2005.  Since then a good number of robots have been started, and several even completed.

The System Description page will start with the overall concepts for the robot and be added to over time to describe the actual implementations selected as well as the rationales.