Useful Links




    Learning C/C++

        cplusplus tutorial

        Another C++ tutorial

            C:  the complete reference     A good reference (not tutorial) but doesn't cover C++.

            C++: the complete reference    Same author as above, so I'm buying a copy.


            Many tutorials on C++ and one specifically on Visual C++ on how to create a simple program.

        Link to many C sources

    Learning Windows programming

        Programming Windows by Charles Petzold   This is about the best book.  Easy to understand with many examples.

    Learning Lisp

        Download FREE LispWorks compiler (used on Leaf project)

        About Lisp

        More About Lisp

        Download free book  "On Lisp"

        A good lisp book not for free

        Introduction to Lisp

        More on Lisp

        Examples with code

        More examples with code


    Basic drive architecture

    Selecting motors/encoders

    Selecting sensors

Finding parts

    Online source for Leaf  microcontroller board

    PC stuff

   General motors, sensors, etc.

        imrobotics  parts, sensors, motor controllers.  A leaf project supporter :-)  a source for many robot parts in the UK.  Also has a long list of useful links.

        superdroid robots   a very helpful site for finding parts

        Robot Store (HK)

        Robot Store (Jameco)

        Robot Shop    Lots of good parts

        Acroname    Long time supplier of robot stuff

       Trossen Robotics

        Robot Combat  has batteries, motors, chargers, etc

    General electronics



        Newark electronics

        Mouser electronics

    Raw Materials

        Online   for the parts you can't find locally, and all the others also.