Microcontroller PC board

    The microcontroller board is an 8.5 x 5 inch 2 sided custom board procured from expresspcb.com.  The board shown is a rev 0 board without the solder mask and silkscreen.

    Schematics and board layout drawings are available below.  Free software from expresspcb.com must be installed to view the drawings which are in a proprietary format.  I also have a copy of the schematics in .bmp format which isn't really as good as looking at them with expresspcb.

    You can order boards from expresspcb just by loading RCrev3.pcb into expresspcb and ordering them on-line under the layout menu item.  OR, it is much less expensive to order one from imrobotics.com.  or as a last resort, ask me if any spare boards are available  Alex Brown.  Spares will be a LOT less expensive than expresspcb's minimum order and the same as the cost at imrobotics.com.


Rev. 3

Download zipped file of schematics in bmp format. 

Download zipped file of schematics and board layout in expressPCB format.

parts list

Download pdf of Assembly Procedure (for all revs of board)

Download pdf of Test Procedure

Microcontroller software for above Test Procedure
    Download version for 256K processor,      Download version for 512K processsor

Download pdf of Microcontroller User's Manual

    You may find that some tests of the motors and encoders will not until you have the microcontroller hooked up to your laptop (or whatever) with all the Leaf software (or at least NavAndControl) running.  This downloads proper motor and encoder data from the .ini files to the microcontroller.  Ask on the mail list if you are having any problems.