This section covers the design and building of the microcontroller board.

     The latest version of the microcontroller board is Rev 3.  The revision includes a several changes.  See the Microcontroller revision history link below for details.  Of particular note is that the new rev will be functionally compatible with the Rev 2 board. 

    Please let me know if you find any errors in the procedures and other documents below.


PC board design (with assembly procedures and parts list)

The following three files are some instructions on hooking the motors and encoders to the microcontroller board and doing initial calibration; and for hooking up the standard sensors:  
    GP2D12 IR range sensor
    Various h-bridges
    Pittman motor encoder
    SRF04 Sonar
    Various RC servos
    CMPS03  compass

Sensor Wiring

Hookup to drive motors

Drive Motor Integration   Note that for this test, the NavAndControl program must be running to download parameters from the .ini files.

Microcontroller revision history

Data for earlier revision boards  (e.g.  Rev 0)

Modifications  This page covers changes to the various revisions of PC boards to correct errors or to enable functions.