Microcontroller board description

Rev 0 thru rev 3 board

    The microcontroller board is designed to provide a pretty general set of capabilities.  Most of these can be configured in software and/or by patch wires on the controller board.

    The software is designed to accept commands from a laptop or other PC and to return data to the PC over the USB bus.

Stock capabilities are:
    2  motor drives  (drive either H bridge or RC motor controller)
    3 quadrature encoder inputs (only 2 are implemented in current software)
    8 0 to 5 vdc analog inputs (e.g.Sharp GP2D12 IR range sensors)
    7 RC servos or Sonar (SRF04 or Polaroid) or any combination of servos and sonars)
    1 SPI (not implemented in software)
    1 IIC (programmed for Devantech compass)
    12 bits of DIO (discrete bit input/output)
    battery voltage reading (internal)
    dual axis accelerometer (internal)
    yaw rate gyro (internal)
    reset switch (internal with external option)
    power on light (external option)
    USB interface to PC
    powered by 12 volts battery, runs on about 9 to 16 volts.
internal spares:
    4 analog input
    7 Discrete I/O bits

Further description of this board's capabilities can be found in the software section.