Leaf  prototype at early (April 2004) level of completion.   Camera, microphone and speaker are all functional.   Three GP2D12 range sensors and an SRF04 sonar are installed on the front of the base in preparation for his first contest entry.










Just to confuse things,  this is Bruce's version of Leaf.  It is the R2D2 model and has a sophisticated dragon head animation which does lip sync to the speech generation (as well as other expressions).  the "Leaf" robot above (Alex's) is now called Rocky.

Following are a couple detailed view of Rocky.  Click them to enlarge.  

Rocky01.jpg (140342 bytes)Rocky2A.jpg (194087 bytes)

Here's a short movie of Rocky running his first contest. The idea was just to wander around without hitting the walls.

Pat_on_Lathe.jpg (90829 bytes)Pat Rinaldi (Robopsychologist) making wheel components for Leaf.