Mounting a laptop on a robot presents some problems. 

   If you want to mount it with the keyboard out flat for convenient use, it almost has to be on top or forces the robot to have a larger size to accommodate it.  In addition, we wanted the display to be visible from the front to show an animated face.

   So, we mounted the laptop vertically to the front of the frame; with the display vertical up and the keyboard vertical down.  This allowed the robot to be smaller and kept the center of gravity closer to the center and the moment of inertia smaller.

   It didn't make it very convenient for operator use of the keyboard though, so the center mounting point is hinged so that the keyboard can be rotated up to horizontal for use.  A brace is built into the mounting plate under the laptop which can hold it in the horizontal position.

    The laptop is prevented from falling downward by two aluminum clips just below the keyboard.  These clips are non-moving parts

   The display is held vertically by two clips which keep the display from falling forward.   The display doesn't want to bend any farther back than is shown, hence the dimensions of the clip were chosen to hold the display under a slight tension so it doesn't bounce around.

    The top of the keyboard area is held by two aluminum clips which may be rotated out of the way to remove the laptop.

   All mounting points of the laptop are padded by 1/2 inch thick foam to minimize shocks when the robot bumps into objects, crashes or, heaven forbid, falls over.

   Or,  you can just mount the laptop on the top of the robot as Bruce did for Leaf.

   Make sure that you install the clips so as not to obscure CD slots,  speaker and microphone jacks etc.  Also, if the backing plate covers any cooling ports on the laptop, cut holes to let the air flow.

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