Leaf Family Tree

    Following are pages describing members of the Leaf family.   Each has a description of its unique features and rationale as well as photos showing details of constructions. (or will someday, anyway)

    To add your robot,  send some text and photos to Alex Brown at rbirac@cox.net.  Supply it as a web page and links if you can, or just send a Word document with the photos inserted, or anything else.

BruceLeaf.jpg (64712 bytes)    Leaf     (Bruce Weimer)      

    Rocky    (Alex Brown)

rocky2.jpg (124107 bytes)Rocky 2   (Alex Brown)

RobinMabel.jpg (62178 bytes)    Mabel    (Robin Hewitt)

Tommy and Gary.jpeg (1178009 bytes)   Tommy    (Gary Malolepsy)

Aries+Front[1].jpeg (11636 bytes)    Aries    (John Edwards)

    Andrew    (Mike DeMaddis)

Marcel86.jpg (96262 bytes)    R2  (Marcel Felix)

Botbert.JPG (105290 bytes)    Botbert  (Ringo Davis)