ANDREW is the 6th Leaf bot running.

ANDREW stands for Autonomous, Norn, Droid, Roaming, Entity, WILD!!!!!

He is being built by Mike DeMaddis.

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Mike is building a head for ANDREW.  Following are his comments on this addition:

   My Robot Andrew is a Norn based bot using the 912 microcontroller, it is currently using the same unmodified software most of us are using.
I have added a Handy Board for controlling the head which uses standard unmodified servos for motion of the eyes ( left and right), a servo in the neck allows the robot to turn the entire head form left to right and back to center. Additionally there is a servo for moving the eye assembly up and down. On the head for a nose, is a dual element pyroelectric sensor for detecting movement of humans etc (he can turn to face you if you come into his feild of view!) So far I have programs that will turn the head in the direction of sound ( he has stereo hearing!)
Andrew will be getting a camera for vision processing, Im not sure where I will put it yet?
So far I use the Handy Board for these tasks as I am not too familiar yet with ICC.
So a quick summary here: the animatronic head I designed currently uses (3) servos, (1) dual element pyroelectric sensor, and (2) condenser microphones for ears.
My program needs a bit of work at this point but the results are very promising!
I am thrilled to be involved with the Leaf Robot project and I thank Bruce, Alex and Robin for getting this awesome project off the ground for all of us.
-Michael DeMaddis


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