Aries (Autonomous Robotic Intelligent Entity System) is the fifth robot built in the Leaf family.  He came to life on July 15, 2005.

He is being built by John Edwards

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John & Aries.JPG (62803 bytes)Aries+Front[1].jpeg (11636 bytes) Aries+Left+Side[2].jpeg (11399 bytes) Aries+Lower[1].jpeg (13964 bytes) Aries+Rear[2].jpeg (11897 bytes)

 Aries+Upper[1].jpeg (9752 bytes) Cam+Tilt+Servo+Front[1].jpeg (9003 bytes) Cam+Tilt+Servo+Side[1].jpeg (7393 bytes) Motor+Driver+Boards[1].jpeg (19149 bytes)

Or, a short video:  Aries intro. (mpeg)